DevaCurl Celebrate Wavy Kit Review

Well, I’m almost three months into my natural hair journey (see my hair background here), and I’ve had to buy a new set of products since I used up the set I began with: the DevaCurl Celebrate Wavy kit. 


Honestly, I began my natural hair journey because of seeing the DevaCurl ads everywhere on social media. The marketing totally worked on me, and I was sick of heat styling my hair. So I saw the Final Sale on the Celebrate Wavy kit and jumped right in.

Price & Contents

The kit was $40 original price, but I paid $30 and the shipping was free. The kit is still available on final sale (link) and contains

  • Low Poo Delight (12oz)
  • One Condition Delight (12oz)
  • Wavemaker Styler (3oz size not full size)
  • Deva Scarf

So value wise, this is a VERY good deal. The full size of the low poo and conditioner are $22 each. The full size of the Wavewaker is only 5z and costs a crazy $26! The full value of the kit is around $70.  So at $30, you are really getting a great value with this kit on sale.


First Impressions/Scent

The DevaCurl kit seemed like a good value and an easy, non-intimidating way to begin the wavy/curly hair journey. Everything was in one place, even a satin scarf for at night. I got the box in the mail and was super excited. I immediately opened it up the Low Poo and took a sniff. Yuck! was my instant thought. The scent was heavily floral with some citrus. I do not like floral scents. I imagine some people would LOVE this fragrance, but I am not one of them. I opened the Conditioner, and it smelled similar. Wavemaker? Kind of smelled like a mix of bubble gum and jolly ranchers. I really dislike sweet scents, but I did actually enjoy this more than the shampoo or conditioner. That isn’t to say I liked the scent, but it just wasn’t as awful as the others. The Devascarf seemed like a simple piece of satin that was cheaply made, but I didn’t own anything satin to sleep on so it was still going to be useful. So overall, I wasn’t excited about the scents, but was definitely still excited to begin!

Review After Use

So it is time for me to actually review them now that I’ve gone through all of one product. The product I used up completely was the Low-Poo. The conditioner is now going into a travel container, and I’m continuing to use the Wakemaker. But I feel like using up one product completely justifies a full review of each product.


Deva Curl Low Poo Delight


I have never used a shampoo that felt like this. It was SO slippery. I knew instantly it had to be glycerin and I was correct. This poo is full of that ingredient. I didn’t mind. In fact, as I was about a third of the bottle I was LOVING this stuff. It felt like it got my hair pretty clean, had some lather, and I liked how it left my hair feeling slippery.

Where it changed with the low poo

On a forum, someone mentioned how much they hadn’t liked the low-poo delight because they had to use so much of it. I had definintely been thinking I had to use a lot, but it was like reading this had been an epiphany. I couldn’t get over it, and every shower since I’ve noticed just how much of this product I have to use to get my hair to the point of feeling all clean and slippery. Hint: it is a lot. Also, I find that this does not spread on my scalp well. If I put it in one section of my hair, that section will be clean, but the surrounding areas will still be dirty. That’s been the most frustrating part. It doesn’t spread and I use a LOT of product. I will say that the suggestions on that same thread were for much more expensive shampoos, so it seemed like the value was similar to what was being recommended. That said, I used this up with still over a third of the conditioner remaining. If you had asked me a month ago, I was planning to repurchase the jumbo size. Now I’m on the hunt for a budget friendly option and I’ve got my eyes on a few things. Would I Repurchase? Only if I can’t find anything better (which I doubt).

The One Condition Delight

My review of this can be summed up in one word: Meh.

That sums up everything from my first impression until today. There is nothing wrong with this conditioner (except the scent). It does a nice job of moisturizing without weighing my hair down. It’s good. But there is nothing earth shatteringly exceptional. Considering the full size is $22 I am 100% convinced that there is a budget friendly option that is better out there. It’s not good, and it’s not bad.

Would I repurchase: No.


DevaCurl Wave Maker Touchable Mousse


First impression: The texture was thick and sticky for a mousse, and thi is the first non-aerosol mousse I’d used. The first time, I used way too much. My hair looked very product-y and greasy by day two. I wasn’t a fan. I began to alternate this and the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Styling Milk (another review for another time) or some days combine them. Both of those methods seemed to help. The recommendations I’ve seen have said to use as a second or third day styler. I’m finding that this is a great way to use the product. My hair needed something stronger for the first day. This leaves no “cast” and my hair needed that to shape my waves. I still have about half of this 3oz bottle left and my hair is down to my chest. A little goes a long way, so I would consider the value to be okay.

Would I repurchase? Yes! but I do think I’m going to try a budget friendly option first since I’m still pretty new to the wavy hair journey. Really though, my hair LOVES this stuff on 2nd and 3rd day hair.




This is a bonus item, but it’s one I’m glad to have! I use it to wrap up/plop my hair in the evenings when my hair is 100% dry. Or I can put it onto my pillow. If you already own a satin pillowcase or a satin scarf/wrap then you don’t need this. But it was nice to have included!

Would I repurchase? N/A – this is not available alone. But I would recommend purchasing a satin scarf {link!} pillowcase {link!}, or a bonnet {link!} if you don’t own one. 


The Entire Kit Overall

Even though I’ve said that I wouldn’t be jumping for joy to repurchase any of the items, I actually still recommend this kit if you are just starting out your natural (wavy) hair journey. I found it to be a nice way to jump into the world of sulfate/silicone/paraben free products. It has given me a good baseline for everything and wasn’t intimidating at all. The value, when compared to the full  DevaCurl line, is great (especially great when on Final Sale). If you have already dabbled with other lines of sulfate/silicone/paraben free products, then I wouldn’t recommend this. The main benefit of this kit is ease of use. I would not repurchase this kit because you would likely run out of a product at different times.


Would I recommend: Yes if you are just beginning and don’t know where to start; No if you have already been using sulfate/silicone/paraben free products.


Let me know what you’ve thought of the DevaCurl products for wavy hair. Worth it? Overpriced? Holy Grail? Tell me!


With Motivation,



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