My Hair Background Story

I figured it would be beneficial to talk about my hair background prior to my natural hair journey.

I first straightened my hair in 7th grade and was hooked. Suddenly, my hair was smooth and not frizzy! I got hooked. Thankfully I was always great at using heat protectant, but it was still hard on my hair. I went through phases on and off of using heat from 7th grade on. There were years where I would only put heat on my hair a couple of times a month. Throughout this whole time, I used the drugstore hair brands which were full of silicones and sulfates. In college I used heat on my hair about once a week. Until I got my hair cut short during pregnancy back in 2015…….

That’s when my hair really took a hit. The haircut itself wasn’t suited very well for my natural hair, and this was in a very remote area. So that’s when I started heat stying because I hated the way my hair looked otherwise.

Photos of My Hair Background

Apologies on the photo quality, cell phone pictures weren’t that great in 2013.

2013 looking super young with my long beachy waves


Heat styling DAILY through pregnancy in 2015. This may look natural but it’s definintely curled.


Summer 2016 – much shorter, less wavy hair


March 2017 – frizzy, partially straight, partially barely there wave pattern.


I should also mention that  pregnancy definitely made my hair thinner and coarser (a strange combination I know). Prior to that I barely used heat on my hair. If only I could go back…

The Breaking Point

Anyways, my hair was now full of split ends and dry as the desert in July.  I’d had enough and knew I wanted a change, so I booked a hair appointment and trimmed off the split ends. The hairdresser said my hair was actually quite healthy, but to me it felt VERY damaged from what I knew it could be. I then made the search for new products. And led me to begin my natural hair journey in March 2017. Yay! So that’s my hair background, take it for what it’s worth I guess.


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