Why I Don’t Watch YouTube Beauty Videos Anymore

This is the first of a three part series on the YouTube beauty community….

‘I feel like I “grew up” watching YouTube. The OG Youtube. The Lollipop26, Juicystar07, Pancea81, MichellePhan era of YouTube. I remember when Ingrid Nielsen first came onto the scene. To say things have changed would be the understatement of a decade (wait, actually it’s been more than a decade that I’ve been watching YouTube). Do I wish that I had started a channel back in the day? No. I enjoyed learning and watching. But the problem with YouTube beauty videos today is this: They are almost all entertainment or consumption  based, not teaching based.

YouTube Beauty Freebies

The PR packages have gone insane. I do not feel bad by saying that it seems impossible not to be biased on free product. Not to say that every big beauty Youtuber intentionally is nicer, but it’s hard to be critical of a product when it’s sent for free. And the PR has gone from a product here and there to a full deluxe line at every product release. Vacations and trips for the creators that have extremely generous gifts along the way that most corporate companies would consider bribery (note: my large company considers any gift valued over $75 to be a form of bribery) One of the “vlogs” of a brand promoted trip clearly cost thousands of dollars, before the packages which also cost over thousands. I don’t want to name the YouTuber, because I do enjoy her videos for entertainment value….but her trip was to a luxury resort and included packages with smart devices, apple products, and more.

Consumer Culture

Another reason I no longer watch (many) YouTube beauty videos is the over consumption that is promoted. “Hauls” are done regularly and often include a year’s worth of makeup. Fashion videos are constantly rotating through. Luxury videos have gone up exponentially. Admittedly, I find these fascinating, but they still promote this ideology about possessions equaling status.


I find myself wanting to buy more, even though I love what I have already. Is that on me? Yes. That’s why I personally watch less of the videos. I’ve found myself gravitating more towards vieos about personal finance, advancements in technology, housing, minimalism, and sustainability. But that’s what I choose now.

Next up is part 2: Specfic YouTube Videos I Avoid



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