Delicious Boxed Soy and Dairy Free Mac and Cheese (Vegan)

OH.MY.GOODNESS. Delicious dairy free mac and cheese!! Happy story time!

I was going through the grocery store when I happened to see a box of Daiya Mac & “Cheese.” It was on sale so I decided to take a look because I knew that Daiya is a vegan brand. I figured it would be full of soy, but the box stated loudly, dairy free, gluten free, soy free. And I think my heart skipped a beat. I’ve been wanting to find a dairy free mac and cheese for so long! After this blissful second I wondered…wait, what is in it? There were a lot of alternative flours, but I think my favorite ingredient is “natural vegan flavors.” That gave me a chuckle. Nothing too crazy in there though, so I decided to buy it. At $3.99 for a box, it isn’t the most budget friendly, but the idea of being able to eat mac and cheese without stomach problems made it worth trying. I’d never seen this before in my grocery store, but Amazon has it click {here} to see the 8 pack. There are individual ones available but they were even more per unit. Anyways, back to the mac and cheese happy story…

Now to be honest, I was definintely skeptical. I’ve tried tons of dairy free mac and cheese recipes and they don’t even come close. But this was marketed to look similar to velveeta. Travis was actually the one who made this make sense. “Velveeta is so processed that I’m sure with technology nowadays they can process other ingredients to taste similar.” And that gave me some hope.

How did the dairy free mac and cheese really look and taste?

So, I went ahead and made it. The only thing I noticed was that the “cheeze packet” wasn’t as thick as Velveeta, and had a tiny bit of separation. But when I mixed it up it looked and smelled like mac and cheese. The photo at the top is the mac and “cheese.” Totally looks like the “real thing.” Then I took a bite, and WOW. It was almost identical to mac & cheese. My husband said it tasted “exactly like the velveeta individual cheese cups” and I agree. My daughter ate it up like crazy. I am SO sold on this stuff.

Don’t fool yourself, this isn’t healthy.

For the record, this is not a healthy food. It must have gone through some crazy black magic food processing to taste the way it does. For me, this is the way to fulfill my mac & cheese desires without destroying my stomach. Dairy free mac and cheese is what I’ve been searching for and have finally found. I don’t plan to eat this often! It’s just amazing that the option is there!

With Cheesy Motivation,


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