Spring Sprucing: Free or Budget Friendly Ways to Freshen Your Home

This year, spring has been fantastic. Growing up in an area that didn’t have spring made me not care for the season, but here it is truly a beautiful time. I see so many gorgoues home accent updates on Pinterest and Instagram, but they usually aren’t in my budget. So instead, I’ve come up with a quick list of how to do some free/inexpensive spring sprucing!

Free Spring Sprucing Ideas:

  • Rotate Textiles You Own: We rearranged the curtains in our home. the living room ones went into the master bedroom, the master bedroom ones went into my daughter’s room, and the bathroom ones went into the living room. It was a free way to change the space without having to spend any $$!
  • Decorate with Weeds: This probably sounds insane, but I had noticed some pretty yellow weed flowers in our yard (not dandelions though, I don’t think those will ever be pretty). I weeded but getting the whole root out, and put a few in a small vase on our table. They now look very intentional, and were totally free!
The yellow flowers are weeds from my yard repurposed and added to my centerpiece.
  • Spring Cleaning/Decluttering: Okay okay, this isn’t exactly fun, but sometimes just tidying and de-cluttering can leave your home more fresh and airy.
  • Rediscovering Makeup: I recently talked about¬†how I found the panning community, and it has been an amazing motivation. If you’ve got some blush or lip products you haven’t touched in awhile, now is the perfect time to break them back out!

Inexpensive Spring Sprucing Ideas:

  • Hanging Flower Baskets: Be careful, because these can get pricy quickly. I found a couple of basket holder at Aldi for $3.99 apiece, and then some floral baskets (the flowers themselves) on sale at a hardware/garden store for $8.88 apiece. So in total this was $24 for both and should last all summer long. FYI, floral baskets that were a comparable size were ranging between $25-$30 per basket, so I cut the cost more than in half.
spring sprucing with flower baskets
One of our flower baskets. We wanted smaller flowers with more greenery. These will continue to grow down the sides through the summer.
  • Throw Pillow Covers: This is assuming you already own a couple of throw pillows. If you don’t, then the cost would go up a bit. But we already have a few, so I juse decided on some updates. I found some coral pillow covers on Amazon for under $3 with free shipping {link!} So I plan to buy two of those for our living room.
  • Gardening: This is VERY easy to put way too much $$ into, so be careful. We work it out so that a portion comes out of our grocery budget, because we are only gardening vegetables. I’m also thinking of creating a hydroponic system for the lettuce I bought, but I’m still doing research. ¬†Check local greenhouses, that is where I’ve found my best deals!

side note: if you have any expertise with a basic hydroponic system, please let me know some tips! I really don’t know what I’m doing and don’t want to send up losing money. Thanks!

  • Kitchen Towels: This is where you need to examine wants vs. needs, but in our case, we actually need a couple of kitchen towels. So I’m choosing to buy a set {link!} either here or a local shop, that are bright and will also add an element of decor to our home.

Do you have other ides for spring sprucing that fit into a tight budget? Let me and others reading know by commenting below!

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