Panning Community in 2017

I don’t know HOW I missed this, but the panning community is a thing, and it’s amazing. Makeup lovers out there realizing that it’s REALLY easy to accumulate a LOT of makeup and pretty hard to actually use it all up. Gorgeous palettes are coming out constantly, and product pushing from influencers on social media make people feel like they constantly “need” more makeup. News flash: even if you have a small collection like I do, you’ve still probably got plenty of makeup! I stumbled upon the hashtag “projectpan2017” on Instagram and my mind was blown. It’s a relatively small community in the world of beauty, but it exists. People were still doing this! I remember “Project 10 Pan” being a thing on YouTube like 8-10 years ago (shoutout to the original YouTube beauty community!) but this is still happening. How have I not known this?! Now, if you don’t know what the “Panning Community” is about, here’s the deal:


What is the point? Using what you have, and not giving in to the misconception that you must buy new makeup every time a pretty new product comes out.. The panning community is aboiut appreciating what you already own.


Now to be clear, hygiene is a thing. I’m certainly not suggesting you keep a mascara for two years. Stay clean. What I am saying is that I’m in love with the fact that there are others out there who feel like I do. Who realize that the beauty community has gone insane. The average person should NOT own drawers upon drawers of product. For influencers who have made a career out of this, and are sent free product, it makes sense. If you pay for your products, you don’t need another basic neutral palette.


How this fits into budgeting…

To me, this fits perfectly into the Baby Steps because if you are using what you have, then you aren’t really buying anything until you actually RUN OUT of something. This also seems to fit in with his daughter Rachel’s book, Love Your Life Not Theirs {link!} It is so easy to get swept in by the beauty community. To get stuck in the thought that you should be constantly browsing Ulta and Sephora. The (false) idea that you can never have enough when in reality, you probably already do have enough. I’m an ex-makeup junkie. I’ve been unknowingly involved in project pan without knowing there was an entire panning community.


Join the community. I’m late to the game, but I’m now in the community and I plan to be as involved as I can be.


With Motivation,

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