March Favorites 2017!!

A quick round-up of some general favorites of mine from beauty to food to random life things! The lists will always be pretty short because I don’t own tons of items within each category, so you know these are things I really REALLY love. So without further delay, here are my March Favorites! 🙂


  • Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara {link!}- I haven’t used the telescopic line in several years and I was pretty amazed with how defined and long my lashes looked. I naturally have thick, short lashes, so this emphasized them in a nice way!
  • Essence Super Fine Liquid Liner (link!) – this blew me away for being only $3. Enough that I’ll probably do an actual review.Totally worth trying out if you like a felt tip liquid liner.
  • Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion {link!} – my all time favorite toner and the only one I’ve used since 2014. I love it!


  • Cadbury Mini Eggs (link!)- these are not healthy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t my FAVORITE candy of all time. I’ve eaten too many this month,so it had to be in my March favorites for sure.
  • Plantains: I love pan frying with a little {coconut oil} salt and pepper. They are simple and delicious. My whole family loves them!
  • Water – okay this sounds silly, but I’ve been reminding myself to be even more diligent about water and I feel great!!


  • Large USA Pan {link!}- We finally got a bigger pan for roasting vegetables. We realized that we had the oven on for a lot longer by using the tiny pans we had. I held off on buying this for months because it felt like a lot of $ for a pan but it’s AWESOME. The quality is great and meal prepping is SO much faster.
  • Tulips – I got some fresh tulips from Trader Joes that were potted bulbs for $3. They are a sunny yellow and brighten up our dining area beautifully. It looks like spring!
  • Biking – March teetered over the “too-cold” and “just warm enough” line for biking, but we managed to go enough times that I wanted to list it. It’s an easy way to be active with my daughter. She has a bike trailer {link!} and I’m so grateful for that!


  • LifewithSarah on YouTube (link!) – I love Sarah’s cheerful spirit. She is encouraging and offers great advice. TBH, it was disheartening to hear the amount of debt her and her husband had to pay off (significantly less than what we’re dealing with which is a good thing for them! it’s just harder to visualize the finish line for me). But her cheer and ambition keeps me intent on the debt free journey. It’s awesome to watch another young person (I’m 23, she is 27 I think?) who is on a great financial journey. Watching her old videos makes me feel sane.

That’s all for now! I’d love to go through my makeup favorites, but the truth is basically just one own of each makeup item! So at some point you’ll probably hear about all of them;) I hope you enjoyed my March Favorites; please tell me what something you loved this month was!

With Motivation,


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